At MTBS, our team is comprised of arbor and tree health experts ready to help you take on some of your most complex tree issues. We were founded on the belief that everyone deserves access to education, and many people in the southeastern United States lack resources for landscaping and tree services. Many cities in the south are known for their luxurious swooping willow trees and their fabulously manicured lawns. However, the details of how to ensure your trees are healthy and well-manicured are often difficult to find. If you’ve been trying to increase the overall health of the trees and shrubbery on your residential or commercial property, but you do not have the education or resources to do so, our team is here to help.

The team of MTBS tree experts has over 65 years of arbor experience and a combined experience of almost 30 years in the landscaping industry. Together, we know the ins and outs of cultivating great looking trees and shrubs within the hot and humid climate of Milledgeville, GA. We can help with selecting new plants for your property as well as maintaining and increasing the health of your existing plants and trees. Together, our professionals aim to make Milledgeville beautiful one property at a time.

So what makes MTBS a valuable resource? At MTBS, we value open communication and strong ethics. We only advise property owners to do things we would do to our own properties, meaning- we will treat your property and landscape as our own. We provide open and clear communication about landscaping and arborist best practices and about the best tips and ideas for each situation. All of our advice is generated from our team’s extensive backgrounds in these areas of expertise. We have the professional and educational experience to help you with your tree and landscaping projects.